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Kookie's Featured Car

Each week we feature a local car enthusiast and let them tell us about the enjoyment they get from it!



Can you tell us a little about your car?

This is a 1982 DeLorean DMC 12. It's an automatic with 48,000 miles on it. Gull wing doors and stainless steel body. Six cylinder engine with no power steering, but it does have air conditioning. 


I would be lying if I were to say that "Back to the Future" had nothing to do with me getting this car. I always loved the car and kept it in the back of my mind and thought one of these days I would get one. So I joined DeLorean groups online and let them know exactly what I was looking for and one day I got an email from a person down in Virginia who had exactly what I was looking for. we agreed on a price and I was on my way down to get it. The reason the guys was selling it was because he was looking to buy a Tesla. So he's going into the future and I am going into the past!


We are here at Kookie's and the turnout over here is great every Wednesday from 6-9.

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