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9411 Maynard Dr, Marcy, NY 13403
Open 11am-9pm Daily

Ice Cream

Soft Serve Custard Small 3.49 | Medium 4.49 | Large 5.49

Vanilla • Chocolate  Twist 

Hard Ice Cream Small 3.99 | Medium 4.99 | Large 5.99

Award Winning Chocolate • Birthday Cake  Cookie Doughlicious

Milk & Cookies  Old Fashioned Vanilla • Peanut Butter Cup  Rainbow Sherbert  

Sundaes 6.99 (All Sundaes include whipped cream and cherry)


Brownie Blast Sundae

Chocolate ice cream / Brownie Pieces / Chocolate Chips / Walnuts / Hot Fudge / Chocolate Sprinkles

Celebration Sundae

Birthday Cake Ice Cream / Brownies / Hot Fudge / Rainbow Sprinkles 

Classic Sundae

Vanilla Sundae / Hot Fudge / Chocolate Sprinkles

Cookie Doughlicious

Cookie Dough Ice Cream / Cookie Dough Pieces / Peanut Butter Sauce / Chocolate Sauce / Chocolate Pretzels / Raspberry Sauce / Chocolate Sprinkles

Reese's Pieces Sundae

Vanilla Ice Cream / Reese's Pieces / Peanut Butter Sauce / Hot Fudge

Uh-Oh Oreo Sundae

Milk and Cookies Ice Cream / Oreo Pieces / Hot Fudge

Slushies 16oz 4.00

Blue Raspberry • Cherry 

Milkshakes 24oz 4.00 | 24oz Extra Thick 4.49

Vanilla Chocolate  Make Any Hard Ice Cream a Shake (+50 cents)

Deluxe Toppings (+$1.00): Caramel. Chocolate Syrup, Hot Fudge, Peanut Butter, Raspberry Sauce, Strawberries, Brownie, Chocolate Chips, Cookie Dough, Oreo, Pretzels, Reese's Pieces, Walnuts

Dippin' Dots  5.00


Dippin Dots
Palm Springs logo (1).png

9411 Maynard Dr, Marcy, NY 13403


Onion Rings    5.00

Shoestring Fries    5.00

Mozarella Sticks (6)    7.00

Chicken Tenders (4)    8.00

Burgers, Sandwiches + Hot Dogs

Cheeseburger    6.00

Quarter pound burger, cheddar cheese, & dill pickle

Bacon Cheeseburger    7.00

Quarter pound burger, cheddar cheese, bacon & dill pickle

The Boss Burger    7.50

Two quarter pound burgers, cheddar cheese, special sauce, crispy onions, and dill pickles on a grilled bun

Classic Hot Dog    3.50

Hofmann hot dog on a griddled bun

Crispy Chicken Sandwich    9.50

Crispy-fried chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a toasted brioche

Pulled Pork Sandwich    7.50

Smoked pulled pork toasted in tangy BBQ sauce on toasted brioche


Funnel Fries    8.00

Covered in cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar

Fried Oreos (5)    8.00

Served with chocolate syrup for dipping

Burger + Sando
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